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When making content for commercial use, consider the objects featured within the content you create. Whether it be furniture, apparel, perfume, jewelry, or other accessories, high-end luxury goods are highly designed and often have associated rights. Sometimes the shape of an object alone is enough to afford it protection, so simply removing product names, logos or other markings from the good is often not enough.

Any high-end, iconic or luxury brand goods should be avoided in any content intended for commercial use; this even includes using such objects as a reference for illustrations. Questions an artist should ask his or herself are “Is this design protected by copyright?”, “Who made it?”. Additionally, many clothing lines incorporate logos or trademarks into the products (such as Adidas or Nike), where such marks would not be suitable as a main focus in content offered for commercial use.

Imagery featuring unique designs may be suitable in editorial use content, providing context in which they are featured. 

When in doubt or unfamiliar with a particular good, it is best to do your research and err on the side of caution.


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