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Content portraying U.S. Military persons should do so within the guidelines set forth by the respective division being portrayed (i.e. U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and so on).  Each branch of the military does have federally registered and protected marks.  However we have found that most branches of the U.S. military are agreeable to positive representations of service people and the military.  Lifestyle imagery of service people, provided dress code policies are adhered to, are acceptable in content offered for both commercial and editorial use.  In order to maintain accuracy in uniform, there is no need to scrub marks or logos.  Think of content that would work well with the message “Support our Troops.”  That is the kind of imagery the military may allow.  

Unfavorable representations of the military are not suitable in content for commercial use. Close crops on federally protected logos, insignia, and other marks, are not suitable in any content.


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