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As a general rule, permission should always be sought when shooting on private property. A property release is required for any content intended for commercial use.  Additionally, consent or a permit is required to create imagery for editorial purposes.

Another general rule is to seek consent from places charging an admission fee or requiring a ticket purchase for entry: these places usually require special permission for commercial photography, and are therefore problematic in all collections.  These locations should be completely avoided in royalty-free content, while some may be suitable for rights-managed or editorial collections with the proper consent.  Some locations may be free to enter (e.g. certain museums or historical properties), but imagery taken inside may still be problematic. Do your research prior to shooting.

Content showing a street scene that features the exterior of many locations and buildings may be suitable for commercial use. Exterior shots are generally acceptable as editorial content, provided the structures featured within the shots abide by editorial standards (i.e. no copyrighted works). Where architectural works are permissible in editorial use content, the architect(s) of such works should be credited in the descriptions accompanying the submission of such content. 

When shooting private residences, even if off the grounds of the property, a property release should be sought for all content available for commercial use.

Additionally (and out of an abundance of caution), we ask that you refrain from shooting and submitting both creative and editorial content that features any architecture, buildings, or properties designed by Le Corbusier. This content is simply off-limits.

Please see other entries about specific locations you are interested in shooting.


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