Insignias: Federal, Military, Police, Firemen etc.

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The insignias of many government or public services, such as military services, police forces, and firemen, are protected under federal law.  For example, no close crops on U.S. Marine core logo, or New York Police Department logos.  Also no images of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as they strongly enforce their IP.

Depending on organization, it may be a matter due to trademark, or one which is specifically written into the federal, provincial, or state law.

Generally speaking, no close crops on insignias, logos, shields, banners, etc. 

Lifestyle imagery depicting U.S. military in a positive light is fine in any license model, keeping marks and uniforms as is.  Other geographies or jurisdictions may have differing protections.

No imagery of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is allowed for commercial purposes.  Editorial use only.


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