Yokohama City

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Yokohama City is in the Kanto region of Japan, where local municipal laws restrict the taking of and commercial use of imagery featuring 8 different locations in Yokohama City. These locations include: 3 zones within PACIFICO Yokohama (Rinko Park, Koryu Zone, and Pukarisanbashi Pier), Daikoku Futo Parking Area (commonly referred to simply as “Daikoku”), Nippon Maru Memorial Park, Yokohama Port Symbol Tower , Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, and Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal (Osanbashi, Osanbashi Pier).  (Permission must be obtained and associated fees must be paid for any onsite commercial shoots, or commercial use of imagery featuring these locations.

Without obtaining the required permits, content featuring these Yokohama City locations is unsuitable for commercial use; Such content may however be suitable for editorial-use.

For all other locations in Yokohama, City please see the general entry on Locations for details. 



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