Parks in Germany

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Recent case law in Germany by the Federal High Court of Justice, states that photos taken on privately owned ground (even if owned by public bodies), are subject to approval by owners if used in a commercial manner.  This applies even if these grounds are parks open to the public, inclusive of any buildings or structures.  There may be no posted policies in these locations.  Therefore it is important to be mindful of the below listed locations, although this is not an exhaustive list.

The parks to be most aware of, and that should not be submitted for products licensing for commercial use are:

Sanssouci Potsdam

Hofgarten, Munich

Englischer Garten, Munich

Flora und Botanischer Garten, Cologne

Content shot of these locations may be suitable for editorial uses, with the exception of Sanssouci Potsdam and Flora und Botanischer Garten Cologne, which should not be submitted into any product offering.


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