Olympic & Paralympic Games and Venues

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Content shot at the Olympic or Paralympic games is off limits for submission to anyone other than a member of the credentialed press, submitting to the newswire.

Additionally, all logos and trademarks of the Olympic brand are ineligible for commercial use.  Rings, torches, medals, official mascots, Olympic emblems, London 2012, Sochi 2014 (or any location and year), as well as all allusions to Olympics are off limits in content for commercial use.  Ex. a javelin thrower in front of a London landmark, or a gymnast leaping before a landmark in Sochi, are off limits in creative RF  Creative collections.

Images of past stadiums, factual skylines that may include Olympic logo may be suitable for editorial collections only.

Creative stock alluding to the games is suitable as editorial: e.g. the above examples of javelin thrower before London landmark or gymnast leaping before landmark in Sochi, are suitable as editorial use only.

As with all official trademarks and logos, those belonging to the Olympic brand are only suitable in editorial placement

Please also be mindful of the metadata you submit and refrain from tagging content to create that link to the Olympics in royalty-free content available for commercial use.




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