Maps, Globes, and Atlases

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Any content featuring a map subject to copyright protection, where the map is the main focus or subject matter, is unacceptable for commercial or editorial use.

Every maker of maps today has their own proprietary approach to design, which includes standards in the use of colour, symbology, legends, and other notable features. These maps are protected by copyright.

Maps that may be suitable for use in content can include those in the public domain, those issued by government agencies who do not protect such works, or a use where only a small portion of a map is made visible in content, and this portion is not a main focus/subject of the imagery; The artist should also do what they can to obscure identifying features, such as the use of shallow depth of field, use of blurring, or other alterations to minimize the appearance of the map. In any case, should you wish to feature maps in content it’s important to do your research every time.



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