Baden-Württemberg Coat of Arms

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Baden-Württemberg is a state located in southwest Germany. A greater and lesser coat of arms exists for the state, both of which use the state colour scheme of black and gold. The lesser coat of arms can be identified as a gold shield containing three black lions, stacked vertically, with the top of the shield being adorned by a crown depicting five,  three-pronged points. The greater coat of arms also depicts a gold shield with three black lions in its centre, however instead of a crown the shield’s top is adorned with six badges representing six important historical territories of the Southwest State; Additionally, the right side of the shield is supported by a griffon, whilst the shield’s left side is supported by a stag. 

The greater and lesser coat of arms of Baden-Württemberg are not suitable for editorial nor commercial use, as these symbols may only be used by the state of Baden-Württemberg and certain authorized authorities or institutions.

For more information on the coat of arms, you may visit the Baden-Württemberg state website


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